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Mmoexp Madden 24 :There you have it – the top 10 safeties

Alright, Madden enthusiasts, it feels like an eternity since we last delved into the realm of top-tier safeties. With a plethora of new cards flooding the game, including Legends, Zero Chill, and Monday Mixup safeties, not to mention some cover athlete additions, it's high time for an updated top 10 list. If you're a fan of these rankings, I've got you covered for every position. Plus, I provide gameplay insights on all the latest cards. Before we dive into the list, make sure to hit that like button, subscribe, and let's push for 40,000 subscribers! Now, let's jump right into the rankings.

Number 10: Brian Dawkins

Kicking off the list is the veteran Brian Dawkins. While he may be slightly outdated, Dawkins holds his ground, especially against other 92-rated safeties. With impressive stats across the board, including 90+ man coverage, Dawkins boasts versatility. However, his 92 speed and 6-foot height do put him on the slower side and shorter end. Despite this, Dawkins' power, zone coverage, and all-Madden abilities make him a valuable asset.

Number 9: Merton Hanks

Often overlooked, Merton Hanks secures the ninth spot. Although a bit pricey due to being part of the team diamonds, Hanks brings a well-rounded skill set, making him an excellent choice for the free safety position. With 92 speed, 6'2" height, and standout stats in play recognition, pursuit, and zone coverage, Hanks fits seamlessly into the meta. His ability to run deep out zone adds an extra layer of utility.

Number 8: Brian Branch

A card that slipped the initial list but demands recognition is Brian Branch. With a well-balanced set of attributes, including 93 speed, 92 acceleration, and solid man coverage, Branch shines on the field. However, his absence of top-tier abilities, particularly in zone coverage, does put a slight dent in his overall effectiveness. Nevertheless, for players seeking a reliable and versatile option, Branch is a top choice.

Number 7: Jimmy Ward

Niners fans rejoice as Jimmy Ward Mut 24 coins secures the seventh spot. Standing at 5'11", Ward proves that height isn't everything. With impressive speed, zone coverage, and pursuit, Ward's stats hover above 90 across the board. While lacking discounted abilities, his reliability and proficiency make him a valuable asset, especially for players focusing on the top tier of safeties.

Number 6: Darren Woodson

Coming in at sixth is Darren Woodson, a card that divides opinions due to its seemingly lackluster stats. Despite this, Woodson redeems himself with a game-changing ability – deep out zone KO. While his overall performance may not stand out, his ability to disrupt catches and offer a powerful deep out zone makes him a unique and valuable choice.

Number 5: Sean Taylor

A fan favorite, Sean Taylor, takes the fifth spot. With a budget-friendly price tag of 250k, Taylor delivers an exceptional performance. Boasting 94 zone, 95 hit power, and 6'2" height, Taylor proves to be a versatile asset. While his man coverage may not be ideal, his overall skill set and the presence of pick artist make him a valuable addition to any lineup.

Number 4: Keenan Allen

Fresh off the market is Keenan Allen, claiming the fourth spot. With remarkable agility, speed, and coverage skills, Allen's versatility shines. His ability to fit seamlessly into various defensive schemes, coupled with the powerful unstoppable deep out zone KO, elevates his value. For players looking for a dynamic and adaptable safety, Allen stands out as an excellent choice.

Number 3: Mike Evans

The third spot goes to Mike Evans, a standout on the Zero Chill theme team. With a base speed of 93 and a towering 6'5" frame, Evans commands attention on the field. Boasting impressive coverage stats and the coveted one AP pick artist, Evans proves to be a game-changer. While not accessible to all players due to his limited availability, those fortunate enough to have him enjoy a powerful asset in their lineup.

Number 2: Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu secures the second spot, demonstrating why he's considered one of the best safeties in the game. With standout stats across the board, including 94 man coverage, 95 zone, and 94 hit power, Polamalu's well-rounded skill set is complemented by his exceptional speed. Despite his shorter stature at 5'10", Polamalu's built-in x-factor ability, disrupting run blocks and catches, adds a unique layer to his gameplay.

Number 1: Isaiah Peko

Claiming the top spot is Isaiah Peko, a staple on MCS fields and a force to be reckoned with. Boasting a comprehensive skill set, including 94 speed, 94 play recognition, and 95 zone coverage, Peko excels in every aspect. However, what truly sets him apart is his game-changing discounted ability, requiring only 2 AP. Allowing players to allocate more resources elsewhere, Peko's Unstoppable Deep Out Zone KO makes him the undisputed top safety in Madden 24.

There you have it – the top 10 safeties in Madden 24. Whether you're prioritizing speed, coverage, or game-changing abilities, this list provides a comprehensive overview of the best options available. As the Madden landscape continues to evolve, stay tuned buy madden 24 coins for updates, gameplay insights, and in-depth analyses. Comment below with your thoughts on the rankings and share your preferred safeties for Madden 24! Until next time, happy gaming, and may your safeties secure those game-changing interceptions.


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