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Your Credit Defines Your Credibility

Is designed as a pathway to understanding a good credit rating. We know such issues are daunting, but you may need to borrow money from a lender. We need to understand and learn the concept of good credit defines our credibility and good credit is our genetic makeup so we must learn to delete toxic accounts, such as collections, inquiries, charge-offs and public records. Therefore, a good credit score will make the process easier. Your credit score determines two things that can affect your loan approval.  First, lending money entails risk; lenders need to know you are reliable. Second, your credit score determines the terms of your loan.

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability

Credit Repair Information 

  • Your Credit Profile

  • Side Effects of Bad Credit

  • Debt Collection

  • Charge-Off's

  • Identity Theft

  • Hard vs Soft Credit Inquires

  • What is Good Credit 

  • Credit Utilization 

  • Credit Scores vs Credit Reports 

Coming October 2019

Credit Repair Information  Calendar years 2020- 2023

  • Each year includes Budgeting Calendars

  • Credit Score Work-sheets

  • Sample Credit Repair Letters

  • A Client Resource page

  • Terminology Glossary

  • Credit Articles 

Dr. Credit King's Credit Notebook  

“I tend to think speaking only one language is like having a big house and living only in one room,” Charles Berlitz told United Press International in 1988. “Every language is like adding another outlook. People learn through repetition, therefore, by establishing good habits from the beginning, it allows for a better understanding of the world.”

What is credit? This is a common question asked by many people around the world. Society is becoming heavily dependent on credit for daily necessities; it’s not just for buying a house or car anymore. The job market or pay scales play a large role in someone’s financial well-being. Even the ability to gain employment or rent an apartment is determined by a credit resume, and the impact of being denied credit can place a heavy burden on one’s future. It could mean the difference between a healthy lifestyle or living paycheck to paycheck; hoping nothing major happens that might cost someone their transportation or a place to live. This is the reason for Dr. Credit King developing the Credit Check-Up Notebook.


In the notebook, consumers will find celebrity models, actors, and actresses who have chosen to share their stories about working with Author Chayo Briggs and the benefits of establishing a good credit rating. Most of the models have reached their financial goals by gaining a better understanding of what a solid credit report really entails. In modern society, credit is part of your financial power. It allows people to build wealth and obtain items such as home ownership, start a business, generational wealth, passive income, purchase a car, not to mention financial freedom. By maintaining a solid credit score or working to build a good credit profile you will improve the chances of qualifying for a loan. A stellar credit report shows potential lenders you are prone to repaying debt and have established financial responsibility. Now, Dr. Credit King understands that everyone suffers money troubles at one point or another. The most important question is, do you know how to overcome the issues?

The Credit Check-Up Notebook has all the necessary information to re-establish a good credit score over time. It starts with the present year, 2019 and goes through 2022. Each year includes budgeting calendars, credit score work-sheets, sample credit letters, a client resource page, terminology glossary, and articles to educate consumers on the different layers of building a good credit score.

The Genetic Blueprint of Passive Income in Real-Estate

          “The Genetic Blueprint of Passive Income in Real-Estate,” is a great tool to instruct the reader on gaining long-term passive income. By increasing your monthly cash flow, you can start building retirement income faster, pay off debts, and, ultimately become financially independent. The number of investment opportunities is endless, but this book will focus on a few of the more preferable options. Such as Private Notes, Land Contracts, Residential Income, Wholesale/Short Sales, Pre-Foreclosures, Probate, Subject to.


By building passive income prior to your retirement years, you could potentially live as well as you did during peak earning years. One avenue that is relatively simple pertains to the real estate market. Seller financing can be a useful tool in a tight credit market.


Creating genuine passive income is the holy grail of personal finance. However, not all passive income is created equal. Some streams can take an initial investment, but once you start it’s very difficult not to gain momentum.

Income Topics

  • Private Notes

  • Land Contracts

  •  Residential Income,

  • Wholesale/Short Sales

  • Pre-Foreclosures

  •  Probate

  • Subject to

The Genetic Makeup of Rebuilding Your Credit  


Chayo discusses the details on how to rebuild your credit. Everyone has fallen on hard times when trying to pay their bills on time. Some people may have a bankruptcy, a divorce, or face debt due to another person. There are many reasons for getting in trouble with your credit rating, but it’s not a complete loss. Anyone can establish a good credit report if you know the necessary steps to rebuild a low score.


If you think credit scores are nonessential and it won't affect your life, think again. Modern society relies on an established set of rules when it comes to loaning money. Therefore, you must prove to a lender why you are an excellent candidate to lend money.

Credit Repair Information 

  • What is Credit

  • Reducing Debt

  • Student Loans

  • Judgments

  • Settlements

  • Auto Loans 

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Banking 

  • Credit Fraud