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Factory Town Free Download (v2.1.2)

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Factory Town Free Download (v2.1.2)

Download Zip:

Consumer response to the price drop was dramatic. While most competitors were forced to close because of the crisis in demand between 1923 and 1925, Baťa was expanding as demand for the inexpensive shoes grew rapidly.[1] The Baťa Shoe Company increased production and hired more workers. Zlín became a veritable factory town, a "Baťaville" covering several hectares. On the site were grouped tanneries, a brickyard, a chemical factory, a mechanical equipment plant and repair shop, workshops for the production of rubber, a paper pulp and cardboard factory (for production of packaging), a fabric factory (for lining for shoes and socks), a shoe-shine factory, a power plant and farming activities to cover food and energy needs. Workers, "Baťamen", and their families had at their disposal all the necessary everyday life services, including housing, shops, schools, and hospital.[10]

The game builds a virtual 3D three-dimensional world. The user plays Poppy to avoid the chase in the level and enjoy the fun and thrill of hide-and-seek. You will get a whole new horror experience here. Avoid all kinds of traps and buildings, escape the factory, and enjoy freedom. 041b061a72


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