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Eric Wells
Eric Wells

Billy Blade The Temple Of Time [REPACK]

Adventurers with a PC wanting to help Billy in his quest to free Kong will be able to help out this winter. Until then, keep an eye on for the latest news on the quest to free Kong!

Billy Blade The Temple Of Time


King Monkey, has been caught in the legendary Time Crystal, hidden away inside the mysterious temple of time. Now the expert, adventurer and champion of sword Billy Blade's task of danger over time to solve the riddle of the temple and free his friend.

Billy Blade and the Temple of Time is a three-dimensional action game made by the development team Iridon Interactive known in our country mainly pleasant production of Arcade title Akimbo: Kung Fu Master. The hero of the game is the eponymous Billy Blade, an experienced treasure hunter and master of arms in the possession of white. Set off on an expedition to find the legendary Temple of time and steal it artifact called the Crystal ages. According to legend, is the kind of device used to open time portals. Unfortunately, as is often the case, life not everything during this expedition went as it was supposed to go. When Billy found the artifact, it happened something unexpected and his faithful companion of Kong was trapped inside the Temple of time. As you might guess, the player is tasked to rescue companion and discover the secrets of the temple. 041b061a72


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