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Eric Wells
Eric Wells

Propresenter 5 For Mac Free Download !FREE!

Click here go to the Download page to download the latest version of ProPresenter for Mac and Windows. We also have a Version History section at the bottom of that page where you can download earlier versions of ProPresenter.

Propresenter 5 For Mac Free Download

Click the blue Download Now button below the version of ProPresenter that you need. This will download the installer file to your computer. The Mac file will end with .dmg and the Windows version will be .zip. After the file finishes downloading, locate the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on the file.

Commentaires :Easy setup. Fast editing to get screens displayed. I can train people in 1 hour how to create a service, how to download new content and how to put music on the screen. Very Very easy to use and I have got a lot of churches looking at it to save money.

It is easy to use for almost anybody with basic computer skills. If you have a limited staff, then I would highly recommed this. I download media from youtube and content is on the screen in less than five minutes. I can create an entire service and easily edit what I want to put on the screen. there is some lag time between what you add to the service and getting it on the screen. but overall, it does a decent job for small churches. I am a computer consultant for small churches and they all like it because the bible is easy to pull up. You click the projector and it goes right to screen. I have two TV's and one project on a hp computer and we are happy.

Firstly, it is free (open source), I am a linux user, so i prefered open source software.Secondly, it has a lot of Bible versions in Spanish (my local language). It can work with a lot of formats (audio, video, Power Point presentations, images, etc.). Its support is very good, it is easy to find answers in the forums.

Our small church couldn't afford the high costs of the big competitors in the presentation software world, so we started looking into free options. It didn't take long to discover OpenLP, which has been a great solution for a number of years.This free software offers most of the basic functionality you find in a paid presentation software, only they have done it for free! Import songs from CCLI SongSelect, keep a library, add in videos and Powerpoints, and you have everything you need.One of our favorite features has been the way Stage Display is handled. Simply type in the given IP address in a web browser on a phone, tablet, or secondary computer, and voila! You have a stage display. This allowed us to take an old laptop and set it up without having to invest in an expensive additional video card for our primary computer.The free remote features work well, allowing our pastor to advance his slides from his phone if he wanted additional control.But free software has to be buggy, right? Not at all! We used OpenLP for years without having it crash during a service.Our needs have outgrown what this software could do, but I still highly recommend it to anyone interested in a low-cost solution for their church.

OpenLP has a simple, effective interface for projecting song lyrics, scripture and images during a meeting. It is lightweight (fits on a USB stick) and easy to get the hang of. Considering that OpenLP is free and open source, there is really nothing that beats it for a small to medium sized church.

Commentaires :Our Church was starting a new service and we needed to get something that was cheap, free and easy to learn. This was the first go to option. It took the whole team just a few hours to get the basics. Setting it up for the service was pretty straight forward. There are a few things the software lacks, like the motion backgrounds, etc. But on the whole i think it does the job!

I love that it supports many different platforms. The remote capabilities are cool although I have not used them extensively.I was able to get Bibles in our local language imported without any difficulty.You can't go wrong with free!


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