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Love Of Cang Lan MP3 Download

Hye2.. Can u suggest any website or link that i can download OST Cdrama other than youtube.. Before this im using KdramaOST and CpopChannel website.. But they unactive since last month.. Hope so u can help..

Love Of Cang Lan MP3 Download

The Moon Supreme Dongfang Qingcang is the definition of an anti-hero. Famously known as the powerful and invincible Devil Lord, he is both greatly feared and hated among the three realms for his arrogant, domineering, and ruthless temperament. All of that changes once he meets Xiao Lan Hua as he begins to recover his emotions that have been lost for thousands of years. Viewers of the drama will all agree that the devilish charm of Dongfang Qingcang, who is both charismatic and sexy, is completely spellbinding.

Zhang Ling He did a great job in his portrayal of Changheng with his soft and gentle gazes. In the latter part of the drama, he plays a different character named Xiao Run, a rich and goofy playboy in the mortal realm. Both Changheng and Xiao Run are quite opposites of each other, but Zhang Ling He easily brought both characters to life with his emotive acting. Also, his unexpected but hilarious bromance with Dongfang Qingcang is a fun highlight!

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