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Eric Wells

Doom 3 Martian Buddy Code ((HOT))

I didn't mind it so much, but why didn't they just create a pseudo website for the guis? Just three or four options where one of them is This would send you hunting for computers in the level rather than being pulled out of the experience.

Doom 3 Martian Buddy Code

Er, what idea will it give them, that 297,363 people have visited That's all it really does, it doesn't do anything else. If they wanted to use it in the manner you suggested, well then they don't even need a public counter in the first place. It's just a fun little thing, it's not spying on you.

In Doom 3 you will find various storage lockers in the facility. You can find the codes from various peoples' PDA's. The first number will be the storage locker number, the second will be the combination required to open it. (Note: There are a few lockers that use the same codes to open them. Sometimes two different codes open the same locker. The Martian buddy code applies to Administration & Delta Labs Level 2B levels.


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