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Israel Sukhanov
Israel Sukhanov

The Black Mirror And Other Stories : An Anthology Of Science Fiction From Germany Amp; Austria By Mi

This collection contains correspondence, email, fliers, articles, stories, business cards, and other material on Fred Patten, who was an historian in science fiction, manga, anime, and furry fandom. Mostly contains correspondence and exchanges which he had with others.

The black mirror and other stories : an anthology of science fiction from Germany amp; Austria by Mi


Science fiction's much-heralded "Dragon Lady," Anne McCaffrey, resides in Ireland in a home called Dragonhold, where she produces, among her other novels, the fantastic tales of the dragonriders of Pern. A planet protected from deadly spores by fire-breathing dragons and their human partners, Pern is a former colony of Earth that has lost much of its knowledge of science and history. In such novels as Dragonflight, Dragonquest: Being the Further Adventures of the Dragonriders of Pern, and The White Dragon, McCaffrey presents Pern as a land in which "social structure, tensions, legends, and traditions are all based on the fundamental ecological battle [against the 'Thread' spores] and on the empathetic kinship between dragon and rider," Debra Rae Cohen commented in Crawdaddy.


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