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Extensive Reading for Academic Success, Advanced D: A Review

Extensive Reading for Academic Success, Advanced D: A Review

Extensive Reading for Academic Success, Advanced D is a book series that aims to help English language learners improve their reading skills and academic vocabulary. The series consists of four books, each containing 80 passages on various topics related to literature, history, science, sociology, linguistics, art, music, information technology, and communications. Each passage is about 700 words long and is followed by five comprehension questions that test the reader's understanding of the main idea, details, inference, paraphrase, and summary. The book also provides a list of key vocabulary words for each passage and audio recordings of the passages online.

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The book series is designed for advanced English language learners who want to prepare for standardized tests or academic courses that require extensive reading and critical thinking. The passages are written in an academic style and cover a wide range of subjects that are relevant and interesting for learners. The questions are similar to those found on most standardized tests and help the reader practice different types of reading skills. The book also offers online resources such as vocabulary study lists and audio recordings that can enhance the learning experience.

Extensive Reading for Academic Success, Advanced D is a useful and engaging resource for English language learners who want to improve their reading proficiency and academic vocabulary. The book series provides a variety of passages that expose the reader to different topics and genres of academic texts. The questions challenge the reader to apply different reading strategies and check their comprehension. The online resources supplement the book with additional vocabulary practice and listening practice. The book series is suitable for self-study or classroom use and can help learners achieve their academic goals.Another benefit of extensive reading is that it provides comprehensible input for language learners. Comprehensible input is language that is slightly above the learner's current level, but still understandable with the help of context clues and prior knowledge. Comprehensible input is essential for language acquisition, as it exposes learners to new words, structures, and expressions in a meaningful way. Reading extensively can provide a rich and varied source of comprehensible input, especially in situations where there is limited exposure to the target language.

Extensive reading can also improve learners' motivation and confidence. Reading for pleasure can foster a positive attitude towards reading and learning, as well as increase learners' interest and curiosity. Reading extensively can also boost learners' self-esteem, as they see their progress and achievements in reading. Furthermore, extensive reading can enhance learners' empathy and intercultural awareness, as they encounter different perspectives and experiences through reading. Reading extensively can help learners develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

In conclusion, extensive reading is a powerful and enjoyable way to improve one's language skills and knowledge. Extensive reading can help learners become better readers, writers, speakers, and listeners, as well as expand their vocabulary and overall language competence. Extensive reading can also help learners become more autonomous, motivated, confident, empathetic, and culturally aware. Extensive reading is not only beneficial for language learning, but also for personal growth and development. 0efd9a6b88


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