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Israel Sukhanov
Israel Sukhanov

Crypter Cracked ##TOP##

The crypter-as-a-service model is indicative of the trend toward malware authors creating and selling code to other groups with less technical sophistication. As a result, more financially motivated threat actors can adopt better attacks if they have the money to spend. This results in many groups putting forward the bare-minimum effort required to execute sophisticated malware campaigns.

Crypter Cracked

Within all of its versions, the crypter maintains the same execution flow with different code tweaks in an attempt to avoid detection by AV. The above diagram covers the main Crypter functionality for several versions that we have observed since Jan 2021.

This is a .NET DLL that is embedded by the crypter author. The execution is via the calling convention Namespace->Class>Method defined in Server.txt. We observed that the DLL is often obfuscated by a .NET Reactor or Babel obfuscator.

As part of our research, we were able to correlate 3 different YouTube channels that are used to market the following crypter. They might not be owned by the author but the following IOCs correlate between them:


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