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Download ##HOT## Countdown Days App Widget Apk

Countdown Days App & Widget Mod Apk: The Countdown Days widget and App count down days, hours, and minutes to your event. You can create as many events with our countdown app as you like. It has beautiful widgets on your home screen, a countdown calendar, and notifications after you have called. You may have missed important events like birthdays and anniversaries. You will never forget an important event with our countdown widget on your home screen. We'll also remind you about your events following your calls. You can view and add events right from your phone call. You won't miss out on any events that you have just discussed.

Download Countdown Days App Widget apk

The day counter widget is available in four sizes to fit your home screen. It displays days, hours, and minutes remaining. The widget will start counting down until the event occurs and then count up after the event has passed to display the number of days. This allows you to keep track of the days that have passed since the event.

To add a countdown on your home screen, go to the widget menu of your phone and select Countdown Widget. Drag and drop the widget size you wish to add to your homescreen by long pressing on it. The Configuration dialog will open where you can choose your event or add a date and title to make a countdown for your home screen.

This Countdown Widget app is the best app that you can find that allows you to use weeks. This countdown widget will enable you to show the countdown of how many leave regarding months, weeks, or days. And also, you can even have the choice to write a short title that will appear together with the countdown. And it allows you to customize based on what color you want and what color you like. This app is the fantastic software that can count down the critical date. And it would be good to have the function discussed above even in a premium version. Compared to the old version, this app has added a colors gallery, removed pesky bugs, and configured notifications.

The fantastic feature of this game is that you can create as many countdowns as you want and a configurable timer to count for days also left for years, months, and weeks. In this game, Recurring events, notifications to remind you of an upcoming event, and customized colors and fonts for each countdown. Theme gallery and decide which days to count for like, working days or only Sundays. And also, there are so many important events from your calendar app and share important dates with your friends. In this, there is ad removal and visual customization, and also remote backups.

TheDayBefore (days countdown) is the most popular among D-day apps available on Android. If you have special events in the future, use this app to count down to the special day. Enjoying the waiting period is also a kind of happiness; prepare yourself mentally and with the necessary things every day, every hour. Never miss the great moments of this fantastic app.

To remind yourself every day and let the excitement build up. TheDayBefore allows you to customize the D-day widget on the idle screen with icons. This helps you every time you use your smartphone; the first thing you see is this countdown.

com.makeupcollections.stopwatch.countdowntimer is the android app named Stopwatch and Countdown Timer . Download Stopwatch and Countdown Timer - Package Name: com.makeupcollections.stopwatch.countdowntimer . Click here to download.

There are many widget apps for Android that you can download and install on your device. These apps offer everything from news tickers to calculators to photo frames. Widgets are not just for adding functionality to your device; they also serve as a way to personalize your phone by displaying information about topics that you find interesting.

You get multiple widgets options, out of which you can choose the one that matches your preferences. However, it contains ads, and you will need to upgrade to 1Weather Pro to get rid of the ads in the app. The app has over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

The app has something called packs, which is similar to icon packs but for widgets. Once you open KWGT, you will see the pack options. You can slide through various packs available and download them easily from the Google Play Store. Once installed, just apply the widget on your home screen with the help of KWGT.

Yup, if you are looking for an alternative to 1weather widget, you must look at Overdrop weather. Overdrop is one of the best Android weather apps available and is also part of our best weather apps to download in 2021. In addition, the app provides the ability to add a weather widget directly on the home screen to help you glance at weather conditions with ease.

All the popular music streaming services come with support for a music widget. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube music allow the flexibility to add the music player widget on home. One can quickly switch between different songs, pause or play music and much more. For your own songs, you can download Musicolet that we mentioned above.

This app is equipped with widgets, which means it can be easily accessed from your home screen. You can benefit from many other features, such as reminders, repeat countdowns for recurring events, dark mode, and lightweight applications. Not to mention it allows you to sort countdowns by date too.

This application features a resizable countdown widget that lets you check on the countdown right from the home screen. You can also take benefits from its cloud backup feature using Facebook login. This means you will never lose countdown data and it can be easily accessed from any devices.

The application is packed with tons of features, including countdown widgets that come in different sizes from 11 to 43. It counts days, hours, and minutes until the events as well as days after. With a vast collection of stickers, this app is fully customizable. You can also use your photos for widgets.

This countdown app is super easy to use. To add a widget to the home screen, simply long press any widget that you want then drop to your home screen. Enter new title and make a new countdown for upcoming events. This app is lightweight and has million active users worldwide.

Countdown Time app features beautiful backgrounds to customize your countdowns. Choose a background that represents your feelings and make the day yours. There are many other features to benefit from this app, such as customizable widget for easier access to countdowns.

Days Left is another practical countdown timer that helps you count days until the events. This app is equipped with unique widgets, allowing you to check on the countdown right from the home screen. Much like other top-rated countdown apps, this fantastic tool is super simple and user-friendly.

Adding a widget to your home screen is a piece of cake with Days Left. All you have to do is press long home screen and tap Add apps and widgets. Or, you can also press long on the widget and drop onto the home screen. Once added, you will be able to view days before the big day.

Million users have trusted their important events to Big Days. This countdown timer tool lets you view not only the remaining days but also days elapsed after the D-day. The app is suitable for a variety of purposes, ranging from appointments, weddings, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, and many more.

As the name suggests, TheDayBefore shows you the remaining days and days elapsed after the event. Once an event is added, the app counts the number of days left until the event. Featuring notifications and widgets, it is unlikely to miss your big day like wedding, anniversary, important meeting, or others.

TheDayBefore is rich in feature, allowing you to make the most out of it. The widgets are available in three different sizes so you can pick the right size for your home screen. It also provides you with 7 ways of calculating days, such as days left, days count, week count, and month count.

Are you planning for a vacation? This is a great app to help you count the days to the seconds until you embark. Much like other countdown timers, this tool is super easy to use. Simply input your trip destination along with the date and time and let the app do the job for you.

Counting the days before your wedding can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of things to prepare. Luckily, The Big Day can help you count the days so that you can focus on the preparation. The wedding planner and countdown timer has everything you need to make a wonderful wedding.

This is another wedding countdown application that makes your wedding preparation a lot easier. It can serve as a wedding planner and countdown timer which shows the days to the seconds until your D-day. Equipped with a widget, it keeps your countdown accessible from the home screen.

Overall, there are tons of countdown apps you can find on Google Play Store, but only few are reliable. The best countdown apps for Android above come with the best features to help you count the days until the D-day. Pick your favorite!

After adding an event on DayCount, it shows you the countdown in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Apart from these, DayCount also brings you a widget that you can place on your home and lock screen.

Some other features of Event Countdown Timer & Widget include scheduling events to repeat later, 6 different widgets, the ability to share the countdowns, etc. Overall, Event Countdown Timer & Widget is a great day counter app for iPhone you should take advantage of.

By default, the app provides you with five different countdown templates for tracking anniversaries, birthday, holidays, life, and school. You can also add your category and add as many events as you want.

Event Countdown is a free and simple application for iOS devices. It comes with a countdown timer, reminders for important events, and a calendar. With this, you can countdown to birthdays, parties, holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, graduation, and much more. 041b061a72


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