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Village Farm: A Leader in Recreational Cannabis, Health, and Wellness

Our gardens are open to wander through as you please (we are no-till, so no heavy equipment here.) Be sure to check out our beautiful new pollinator garden, right next to our beehive! Our bees play such an important role in our farms ecosystem, and are fascinating to watch as well.

Whether its a quick stop for dinner veggies or the start to a stay in the country, we are here to bring you the finest fruits, veggies, and other farm products, along with a friendly smile and a heartfelt thank you for visiting!

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Tucson Village Farm (TVF) - 4210 N. Campbell Ave - is a working urban farm built by and for the youth of our community. A program of the Pima County Cooperative Extension and the University of Arizona, TVF is a seed-to-table program designed to reconnect young people to a healthy food system, teach them how to grow and prepare fresh food, and empower them to make healthy life choices. We target urban youth from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Welcome to the Village Farm Vegetable Share!Spring is here and that means exciting times ahead for our Vegetable Share members! April is the beginning of the "new year" for our Vegetable Share program and also represents the beginning of our most bountiful time of the year at the farm. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, and melons are1 read more

The Village Farm is a 12-acre interactive agricultural amenity and USDA certified organic farm, nestled prominently at the entrance of Harvest Green. The farm is designed to be a "working" educational experience, in that the farm itself is a production farm, supporting many of its expenses by selling organic produce. It also serves as a venue for agriculturally-related community events.

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